Friday, 11 August 2017

Bottles, Bags and Micro-plastics

Image from journey to the plastic ocean

Tidal waves of jettisoned plastic
Overwhelm glorious golden sand.
Thoughtlessly discarded bottles
and single-trip bags
spawn a shameful, coastal wasteland.

Sinister flows of toxic outfall
ooze from here, to the ocean’s despair.
Fragments of micro-plastics 
swirl endlessly among fish,
who feed on this cynical harvest
entirely unaware.
In another yield from the deep,
bright crystals of table-salt
are likewise pervaded
which we then ingest. 
So might wisdom commend,  
a STOP PLASTICS approach?

Trevor Thorn © 2017

Written after reading Lucy Siegle’s Ethical Living Column ‘The Eco Guide to Microplastics', Observer 6th August 2017.

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