Tuesday 5 December 2023

CLIMERICK: Hopeful of Hydrogen

Hopeful of Hydrogen

Is Hydrogen power hope or hype?

Detractors will all take a swipe

at its two stage conversion:

but hear this assertion

its future is fruitful and ripe.


(BBC Science and Technology item of 1st July 2023 notes that hydrogen is now powering buses, lorries, vans, boats, heavy moving equipment and trains.It is the ultimate clean fuel provided economical extraction problems can be resolved – and they are increasingly likely to be.)

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Monday 4 December 2023

CLIMERICK: Scores of Sciences Signal the Same

 Scores of Sciences Signal the Same

Scores of sciences signal the same,

Not one science!

As many proclaim.

Earth NOW needs net zero

Not fossil fuel Neros

Who deny this, with false claims inane.


(It feels possible that expressions such as ‘following the science’ devalue the urgency of a deep climate concern by suggesting there is just one single science implying the danger we are in, whereas a multiplicity of scientific disciplines all point clearly in the same direction – we are at serious risk. Wikipedia’s entry of ‘Climatology’ shows a range of the sciences involved)

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CLIMERICKS and A CLIMATE CONCERN TREE! Another way of encouraging conversation at #ChristmasTreeFestivals or #EndOfTermConcerts


The Climate Concern tree 

at Landbeach Church Christmas Tree Festival 

(Near Cambridge UK)

So here’s a further idea that uses CLIMERICKS as a way of starting Climate Concern conversations. 

With the encouragement of a friend to make a display in a 40-ChristmasTree festival, I worked out that it might be possible to decorate a recycled cardboard tree with CLIMERICKS, suitably designed for the season. You can see the outcome above. The cards are straightforward insofar as they are A6 in  size so can be printed out 4 to a page on light card or fairly heavy paper. There are several websites that offer free borders and each card can feature either one of the growing collection of verses on this site: OR, better, this is an opportunity for you and/ or some members of an organisation who want to express their support for much greater impetus in climate change mitigation initiatives CAN PERHAPS WRITE THEIR OWN.

Here’s a specimen sheet using four of the CLIMERICKS already on the site, which have some relevance to Christmas in the 21st century.


Insert the CLIMERICKS you think most appealing to the people who will see them. Cut the card and mount the individual cards on the tree. In the ‘tree’ picture above the cards are stuck on but could be hung on a real Christmas tree OR on a single branch such as that shown below either for Christmas or for other seasons.
This would also be a very straightforward project for SCHOOLS once pupils are old enough to be able to produce CLIMERICKS. Displayed at an end of term concert, the tree, with its CLIMERICK decoration could provide parents with understandings of how their children perceive the present-day climate threat. Interesting family conversations and student to student exchanges could emerge.

If this idea commends itself to you, but you do not find it easy to write verse, the index button A - Z of CLIMERICKS will give you access to a growing collection of usable verses and if you want to understand more about other uses of CLIMERICKS, 

Sunday 3 December 2023

CLIMERICK: Famed Naturalist - name Packham C

Famed Naturalist - name Packham C

Image from Wikipedia

Famed naturalist - name Packham C,

wonders how we can mount protest pleas

as climate’s become

global risk number one,

but campaigners get seized by police.

( One for the UK - with its government wanting to deter peaceful protest: other countries may have their own  prophets making similar decisions.)

Chris Packham, naturalist and long-term broadcaster appeared on Channel 4 (UK) 20th September 2023 in an hour long programme considering whether it would be right for him to risk prison to raise the profile of the anti-fossil fuel movement and whether that would be an effective protest action)

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Friday 1 December 2023

CLIMERICK: Way Back in Pleistocene Days

Fossilised 'little creature' from Pixabay free images

Way back in Pleistocene days

little creatures evolved clever ways

To move with the weather

But today they can never

cross cities or six lane highways.

(the Pleistocene was a time of slow climate change between 2.6 million and 12000 years ago. This CLIMERICK raises the issue of Species Loss)

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Thursday 30 November 2023

CLIMERICK: CO2 is essential for life

COis essential for life,

So why does it cause so much strife?

Fossil fuels cause excess

Which can sure make a mess

Of humans, the Earth and wildlife.

(Whilst COwith sunlight and water is transformed into living matter through photosynthesis and then leaves Oxygen in its wake, an excess of COacts like a global, uncontrollable greenhouse)

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Wednesday 29 November 2023

CLIMERICK: A Garment Cries, ‘I’m All Forlorn


Two versions (the one below, a CLIMERICK)

A garment cries ‘I’m all forlorn’

discarded before I’ve been worn;

bought as a ‘just maybe’,

when received, deemed unshapely,

I’m landfill - not dirty nor torn.

(Shamefully, under 1% of textiles are recycled or re-used!).

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Monday 27 November 2023

CLIMERICK for #COP28: Carbon Capture is NOT the Game Changer


Carbon capture is NOT the game changer 

That Earth needs to get out of danger.

Watch! Gas and oil clans

hope to derail all plans

to stop drillings. But STOP’s Earth’s sustainer.

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Friday 24 November 2023

CLIMERICK: Said A Glacier ‘This Warming’s Not Nice’. by John Hobbs

Pixabay image - glacier fracture

Said a glacier “This warming’s not nice,

“And it comes at a terrible price:

“While the wildfires do kindle,

“My kind and I dwindle

”Soon you will be be fresh out of ice!”

(Switzerland's glaciers have lost a further 4% of their volume this year - the second biggest loss ever - after last year's record melt of 6%.

The statistics come in the annual report of the Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network (Glamos), whose team of researchers have been monitoring 176 of Switzerland's 1,400 glaciers for years. BBC Science report 29.09.23)

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Wednesday 22 November 2023

“Al-Gore-Rhythm” by John Hobbs

A most “Inconvenient Truth”!

While our treatment of Earth is uncouth,

The fruits of neglect

And the climate we’ve wrecked

Are things that we’ll leave to its youth!

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