Monday, 7 August 2017

Enemy Fleet in Fulham Reach

Since the abandonment of the wooden piers,
evocative of a past, stretching back
to when the most primitive boats were known,
this tidal thoroughfare grew sick
from the outpourings
of numberless, noxious, industrial flows.

Today, it is restored!
Dace, roach and perch
again find nourishment
from the cleaner stream,
as do a score of avian breeds.
It is a triumph to have achieved
a river so 'green'.

Yet, as the tide recedes
exposing messy, muddy banks,
swans, geese and ducks
battle their way between
a convoy of enemy craft, most dire!
Carelessly discarded cola bottles
free of their sugar-laden cargo,
surge on their inexorable way
towards a gigantic, malevolent gyre.

© Trevor Thorn 2017

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