Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Paradise Island Dreams

‘Moonglow’ by the author

Darkness stretches to the horizon,
speckled grey reflects a struggling moon;
close to my invisible feet
a gravelly surge tells me soon
the waves will undermine
the tiny promontory where I stand;
steady for now but in only minutes
my dreamer’s knoll will be engulfed 
in the unpredictably shifting sand.

I will stay, I will stay for a while
transfixed by the infinite
rhythm of the waves.
Tonight the ocean’s gentle swell
masks the latent violence
that makes it the realm of innumerable graves.

Transient glints from the downcast sky
cause me to reflect;
there, beyond my constrained eye
and my pedestrian imagining
are deep trenches, 
mighty sub-surface mountains,
scintillating reefs;
mortuaries - millions of shells, no longer in use:
slithering predators, giving no relief 
to myriads of fish of dizzily entrancing hues.

And in the deeper, deeper waters
sinister gyres
where we, ultimate predators,
ultimate polluters 
cast plastic, glass and toxic refuse
from boats, shorelines, rivers and streams
adding to the natural death toll:
so rapidly, all too rapidly
we poison everyone’s
paradise island dreams.

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